Flicks to Pass Away the Illness

The only fine dining JC did over the weekend was sucking on throat lozenges and sipping chicken soup. Yes, we were felled in the middle of last week by a nasty little flu bug going around.

From time to time during the day-to-day grind we long for a good sick day. Nothing better than sitting in bed all day. Of course then the sick day comes and we are reminded of how ugly, achy and feverish those days can get. Yep, all in all we’d rather be at work.

Anyway, the illness allowed us to catch up on some Netflix that had been sitting on the coffee table for awhile and a lingering Netflix is a terrible thing to waste. Our thoughts as such:

Hollywoodland. Ladies and gentlemen watch Ben Affleck reinvent his career as TV superhero George Reeves in this biopic. Watch Adrian Brody horribly miscast as sleazy Hollywood detective. Watch Diane Lane horribly miscast as aging Hollywood royalty married to a brutal studio head who may or may not have had something to do with Reeves unsolved murder.

Yeah, there’s a lot of disappointment in Hollywoodland. However, Affleck is quite good as an actor dealing with his own limitations. Like the character he plays, Affleck has always been better in supporting role than when he’s asked to carry the load and he does that quite well here. There’s an air of doom that surrounds Reeves and it’s as oppressive as the Hollywood the movie portrays.

Lane is serviceable as Reeves married sugar mama but we find it hard to believe that anyone would dump her, not for a younger women and definitely not for Robin Tunney.

Problems really arise whenever Brody is on the scene. The actor is simply too slight for a role that Jack Nicholson basically played in Chinatown. What Hollywoodland needed was Russel Crowe.

Jackass Number IIsomewhere in the middle of this movie, probably when someone is eating cow poo, you’re going to wonder why you’re watching a movie where someone is eating cow poo (get it? get it? JA#2). At that point you’ll either turn the movie off or you’ll continue watching. The choice says a lot about you. What, we are not exactly sure but it says a lot. And there in a nutshell is both the reason to watch and not to watch Jackass.



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