Ricci Speaks

Stephen Witty has a nice piece on Montclair native Christina Ricci of Indy movie fame in today’s Star Ledger and on NJ.com. Ricci is pluggin’ her new flick “Black Snake Moan” where she plays a nymphomaniac forcibly reformed by Samuel L. Jackson. Yep, you’ve probably seen the half naked poster of her chained to a radiator.Black Snake Moan

The title “Wild Child Grows Up” is a bit off. We remember Ricci from the Adams Family movies and a spat of edgy roles in “The Opposite of Sex” and “Buffalo 66” but wild child? We’re sure Ricci has raised a bit of hell in her time but Lindsey Lohan she ain’t.

We’re also not sure about the “Grows Up” part either. Ricci is 27 and though small and waifish, she pretty much grew up a while back. Anyway, title aside it’s not a bad read. Hey, we didn’t even know Ricci was from New Jersey much less Montclair.



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