Excitables for the Weekend of March 2-4

Did we say March? Why oh yes we did indeed, which means no matter how miserable the weather is outside the worm has turned along with calendar. Usually once you get to March there’s solace in the fact that there’s only a month or so more of crappy daylight and dark, dank days to put up with.

Nothing heralds the coming of spring more than baseball and spring training games start popping up along the dial this weekend. You can catch the Mets and Dodgers at 1 p.m. tomorrow on channel 11 or listen in on the Yankees and Pirates on the radio 880 a.m. at the same time.

Yeah, the games are meaningless and most of the players will be starring in places like Columbus, Trenton and Pawtucket in a month’s time but it’s baseball and it’s a sign of better weather, if not better days down the road.

Also this weekend:

Mini March Madness — Too early for baseball. Well, the March Madness is still a couple weeks away but for hoops fans there are few conference championships that begin this weekend. Conference championships underway include the Americas East Conference, Colonial and MAAC. Several local teams are playing including Rider and Iona and St. Peters and Canisius. Check your local listings or The Sports Network for updates.

What’s Your Sign –In the cinemas this week, was there a better topic for director David Fincher than the still unsolved Zodiac killings. The auteur of such dark pieces like Seven and Fight Club hits theaters this weekend. Jake Gyllenhall, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. star in the film, which for a change is getting some decent reviews out there.

That’s it for now. I now short excitables this week but we’re still in recovery from some nasty virus so we’ll probably be doing nothin’ much but some TV watching this weekend. Have a good one people.



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