Antonella Has Her Backers

Jerseycool was down for the count yesterday having contracted an ailment that left us under the covers and watching the Mets spring training season opener down in Florida. Almost worth the nausea, headaches, chills and fatigue.

Anyway, we made it through American Idol long enough to give our girl Antonella one more listen. We were hoping for the best but alas it was not to be. Not only did we get a wobbly Celine Dion kareoke but she mouthed off to Simon, which usually spells doom for contestants. Tears would have worked better my girl.

We are also in the camp that at some point she should have acknowledged that she’s become THE story in this early season of Idol because of her risque Internet stories not her singing.

We also think if she somehow survives this week’s cut, and there’s a strong possibility she will, then may we suggest next week a ballsy version of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” or Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” both are more in Ms. Barba’s range and would play better than the lame Celine cover she did last night.

While we wait for more photos, doctored and not, to surface. is leading the way with Antonella coverage including a look at her former classmates at Red Bank Catholic who have taken to calling themselves Fantonellas and a bit about Hugh Heffner offering the girl a spot in Playboy once she gets the boot. Now who could have predicted that.



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