Tucked in by Oscar

I remember Forest Whitaker walking up to the podium but after that it all became a blur. Actually more like a numb blackness until the next thing I felt was C shaking me awake in the living room.

“Hey, It’s 12:30,” she said.

It took me awhile to get my bearings but by then the Oscars were over and Sunday night had turned into Monday morning. Scorsese had come and conquered and I missed it. Lucky for me I got to hear all of the acceptance speeches for best animated short film and short form documentary.

Lucky for me, I got to see Ellen DeGeneres dance through the crowd like it was another episode of her crappy, daytime talk show. Lucky for me, I got not one but two film montages. One foreign because apparently there were a lot of foreigners in the room and one uber patriotic, well, because you couldn’t just have a foreign film montage.

Lucky for me, I got to see a bunch of dancers making figures on a blank screen. And Lucky for me I got to hear Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly sing about how unappreciated comedians are at the Oscars. Actually, that wasn’t bad and there’s a kernel of truth to the comedy routine.

Maybe it’s time that the Oscars started recognizing that dramas and comedies shouldn’t be competing in the same pool. With all due respect to Forest Whitaker and Alan Arkin, but don’t you think when movie lovers look back on 2006 they might remember Sacha Baron Cohen’s turn in Borat more than The Last King of Scotland or Little Miss Sunshine.

I understand the importance of short film both animated and live action but if the Oscars want to compete with shows like the Golden Globes perhaps it’s time to honor some of these films off screen and give some recognition to films we all might have heard off. A best actor in a comedy or musical award makes a bit more sense than best live action short film these days.

 And maybe just maybe it’s time that the Oscars showed a little consideration for the third of the country that lives on Eastern Standard Time and finish the show in, oh I don’t know, three hours.  It was great that home town boy Martin Scorsese got his Oscar but wouldn’t it have been nice if more people from the neighborhood could have stayed up to see it.


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