Excitables for the Weekend of Feb. 23-25 — Oscar Edition

It’s all about the movies this weekend as it’s Oscar time. At their best, the show celebrates everything we love about movies and at it’s worst there’s a bunch of people running around stage doing interpretive dance inspired by Jack Nicholson’s role as mob boss Frank Costello.

This year’s batch of films up for nods leaves a lot to be desired. Come oMartin Scorsesen Academy, Little Miss Sunshine? Still there’s a lot of drama. Will Al Gore get an Oscar to make up for his lost presidential bid? Will Martin Scorsese get his Oscar or will Clint Eastwood walk home with another statue? If the vote splits, do the three people who have seen Babel jump up and down yelling I told you to so? And will anyone care?

For what it’s worth here are our picks in the major categories and the only thing we’re guaranteeing is that the Oscars will run long on Sunday night.

Best Picture — The Departed. Clint’s Iwo Jima fell a bit short we thought. We think it’ll be Marty night on Sunday.

Best Actor — Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland. We didn’t see it but Whitaker may be one of the more underrepresented actors of his generation and it’s a pretty weak field. DiCaprio would be an option here if he were nominated for The Departed but he’s not. I think more people saw Babel than Blood Diamond.

Best Actress- Helen Mirren, The Queen. Love to see Meryl Streep get this one here. But we’ll go with the presumed favorite.

Best Supporting Actor — Mark Wahlberg, The Departed. We’re going on gut here that The Departed is going to go on a little run and we think the Academy is going to reward Wahlberg for holding his own with some serious actors…..But oh how we would love to see Eddie Murphy win here for Dreamgirls.

Best Supporting Actress — Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls. Amazing performances by newcomers usually win here. Insert Marisa Tomei joke here.

Best Director — Martin Scorsese. Like we said before it’ll be Marty’s night unless Clint has something to say about it.

Check out the Carpetbagger’s pics here.

Other Casablancastuff going on:

Movies to Die ForLoew’s Theater, Journal Square, Jersey City. Start your Oscar weekend right. The landmark theater presents two beloved movies on the big screen Saturday. Gone With the Wind at 2 p.m. and Casablanca at 8 p.m. Michael J. Fox fans or those looking to kick back to the 80s can catch a screening of Back to the Future Friday night at 8 p.m. Tickets are $6 for adult and $4 for children and seniors.

TCM Best Picture Marathon — Turner Classic Movies wraps up its annual 31 Days of Oscar with a best picture marathon. If you don’t feel like heading out to the theater curl up at home with the Greatest Show on Earth on Friday or A Man for All Seasons on Saturday.

Madison Avenue

Wanna see more recent fare. Well it will be a good weekend for actress Virginia Madison no matter what. She plays Billy Bob Thornton’s wife in the Astronaut Farmer and Jim Carey’s wife in 23. Both films open up this weekend. Both films are gettiing tepid reviews, which seems to be a recurring theme this time of year. For fans of the actress your better bet might be to track down a copy of Long Gone at the DVD store. The 1987 flick stars William Petterson, as a 1950’s minor league player and manager and Madison as his flame, Dixie Lee Boxx (you gotta love that). It’s a lighter version of Bull Durham if that’s possible. Watching Madison makes you scratch your head as to why it took Hollywood so long to rediscover her in Sideways.



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