Antonella Misses on Opening Night

Jersey’s Antonella Barba better hope her looks and Online persona pull her through to the next round of American Idol because her singing last night certainly won’t.

The Point Pleasant native belted out a wobbly version of Aerosmith’s “Don’t Miss a Thing” that this listener for one really would have liked to miss. It didn’t help matters that most of the women singers last night brought their A game and made poor Antonella look like a karaoke singer at a shore house kegger. A well dressed one, mind you. sums up the performance about right.

Anyway, it was a rocky day for Barba as pictures of her partying with and without clothing and a quite memorable shot of her on a toilet seat hit the Internet in full force (see our post here). Hey, Antonella there’s always Playboy.

Hopefully, the young girl was prepared for these photos.

Let’s face it. In the world of Flickr there’s photos of all us floating around out there that amongst friends seem pretty harmless but once the general public gets a hold of it’s another kettle of fish.

It will be interesting to see if the morality police come down on Barba for underage drinking like they did a certain beauty queen last month.

Gotta love American Idol.



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