Idol Rumblings

Was last night’s American Idol one of the worst episodes they’ve ever done? If not for the hissey-hissey fight between macho men Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest I don’t know if there was anything keeping me awake. There wasn’t even anyone truly awful to complain about though Sundance Head did his beast with a version of “Knights in White Satin” that almost made me want to jump off the balcony at Jerseycool headquarters in Montclair.

Even the one lone good performance of the night by beatboxer boy was merely OK and only stood out because everyone else was so, how should I put it, mediocre. I’m usually pretty thrilled when the audition phase of the show is over but if last night is any indication this could be a loooong season.Antonella Barba

The guls have their chance to turn things around tonight and Jersey folk will be taking a hard look at Pt. Pleasant native Antonella Barba. She was the one who auditioned with her friend who did not survive the Hollywood round, she was also the last girl picked for the show so this could be a short ride for the Jersey girl, who pretty much looks just like you think someone from Pt. Pleasant would look like. Stereotypes, go figure.



Let’s give the hattip to John Shabe over at the Jersey Side for digging up better picks of Ms. Barba than we have. Now, there’s nothing pornographic here, pretty much typical Jersey shore shenanigans, but with American Idol you never know.


One Response to “Idol Rumblings”

  1. C Says:

    If you follow the link you can see a pic of her on the toilet. On my top ten list of things I didn’t need to know about that was number 5. Why would anyone want to post that?

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