Villa Victoria Has Stuff You Can Dig Into

Villa Victoria
11 Park St.
Montclair, NJ

There’s nothing quite better than take out on a cold, winter night heading into a long weekend so ordering from Villa Victoria last Friday was a no brainer.

There’s no ambiance at the pizza place on Park St. in Montclair. Just down the street from the YMCA and across the street from Mexicali Rose, there’s no place in the place so take out or pick up is the main means to an end.

Here Villa Victoria is a bright spot among many poor, poor experiences. We’ve found even ordering at a busy time that food generally comes within half and hour to 45 minutes and most important it’s usually at the very least warm.

We’ve had several of the restaurant’s pizza and reccomend the fresh tomato and basil as a topping and we’ve think they make a pretty good white pie. Last week though we went with Italian dishes and were not disappointed.

I tried the stuffed rigatoni in vodka sauce with prosciutto and peas. The sauce was thick and the rigatoni melted in my mouth. C went for the gnocci with meat sauce and though it wasn’t Fascino gnocci, it also wasn’t Fascino prices. We both cleaned our plates which says something about the meal.

If you’re looking for quick, good Italian there’s a lot of choices here in northern NJ, but you could do worse than Villa Victoria.



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