Nothing Fishy About Daruma

4 Alvin Place
Montclair, NJ
973-783 -5680

Ah, there’s is nothing quite like the hibachi grill on a Friday evening. If you like kids of course and lots of them. That was pretty much the scene over at Daruma when we stopped in for a little take out.

Visiting Daruma is a bit like visiting two different worlds. On the left, there is the hibachi grill. Much like Disney World, it’s noisy, there’s lots of kids, there’s a line to get in and there are people in costumes doing tricks for you. To the right is the Sushi bar. Much like, say, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it’s quiet, urbane, has lots of Asian influences and there aren’t many kids and if there are, they’re probably tugging on mom and dad’s sleeve to go visit Disney World where all of the action is.

Daruma has its charms. It is fun as you wait for Sushi to watch chefs shoot little pieced of hibachi into the waiting mouths of children and adults. It certainly beats scanning the wall of Polaroid birthday pictures that grace the restaurants entry way.

Most importantly is the sushi and this is some of the finest in the area. We ordered two large rolls and two small and were rewarded with fresh tasting seafood that melted in the mouth. One gripe was not including miso soup with the entrees. The rolls are filling but not exactly on the cheap side so an extra goody would have been appreciated.

The two big rolls we had were both substantial. C opted for a special while I ordered off of the menu, a roll that included tempura that added some crunch to the already very good roll. Sushi is more of a state of mind in Montclair. Different people have different tastes and chances are there’s a sushi place to serve to cater to you. JC is still a Sushi Hana man but we’ll  give Daruma another try, perhaps we’ll even be brave enough to try the hibachi grill on a Friday night and get a taste of Disney.



One Response to “Nothing Fishy About Daruma”

  1. Kasey Says:

    A couple questions-
    1) Do they take reservations?
    2) How much does the average meal cost?

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