Excitables for the Weekend of Feb 9-11

It’s the weekend before Hallmark Valentine’s Day so most sane couples will be heading to restaurants for their evening out. If your special place has a table cloth be sure to make reservations today or tomorroThe Iron Monkeyw before heading out as it will likely be a busy weekend in the eats business. Our personal picks are Fascino and Table 8 in Montclair or the Iron Monkey in Jersey City. Heading into the city and have a few hundred dollars you want to unload, La Bernadin is your choice. Good luck getting a reservation on that one.

Thinking more about desserts? NJ.com has taken note of the holiday with write up on chocolate shops. Reads it here.

Elsewhere this weekend:

Murphy vs. Lecter — At the cinema this week it’s a showdown between Eddie Murphy’s Norbit comedy and the latest installment in the Hannibal Lecter series, Hannibal Rising. Norbit looks a whole lot like the old Nutty Eddie MurphyProfessor movies Murphy made a few years back and Hannibal is the back story to everyone’s favorite cannibal. We didn’t even bother reading the Thomas Harris book so we’re thinking movie-goers will opt for the red hot and Oscar nominated Murphy. With most of the country in the grips of a cold wave, the laughs are probably more needed than the scares.

Our pick, Eastwood’s Letters From Iwo Jima is probably more worthy of your $10 or try to catch Mark Wahlberg’s Oscar nominated turn in The Departed on the big screen before it lands on DVD.

The Plot Against Warm Weather — Speaking of cold weather, it’s not a bad weekend to curl up with a book. Three recent recommendations:

  • Plot Against America by Philip Roth — We just put this one down and were disappointed. Not because it was bad but because we could have followed Roth for a couple hundred more pages as he pondered a childhood in Newark with Charles Lindbergh as president.
  • Manhunt by James L. Swanson — JC is not really a big reader of Civil War history even as fascinating as it is, but this tale of John Wiles Booth’s assassination of Abraham Lincoln and his subsequent escape is a terrific read. Swanson’s Booth is portrayed as vain fop and is probably too good to be true but if you just go with it you’ll be rewarded.
  • The Cell by Stephen King — recently released in paperback, as all King books should be read, this one is eerily similar to King’s 80s masterpiece The Stand only with cell phones and about 700 pages shorter. We haven’t gotten all the way through it but we’re hooked.

What’s old is new — Looking to venture out this weekend. The American Museum of Natural History opens its new premanent collection on the origin of man. The NY Times does better justice on this than we ever could.

The Grammys, 8 p.m., CBS –– And the award for best use of a falling, old stocking goes to…wait that’s a different Grammy award. No the music whorefest that is The 49th Grammy Awards airs Sunday night. Better bet, 9 p.m. on NBC Donald Trumps apprenti wrangle with a hord of angry bees. Now that’s realty TV at its finest.

Have an event we should know about? Did we miss something? Drop us a line by sending us an email here.

Have a good weekend everyone.



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