Everything Lost is Found

Brrrrrrrrrrr. It’s far too cold to blog. As Lewis Black might say it’s too cold to keep thoughts in the head. However, we will quickly point out that one piece of JerseyCool’s universe comes falls into place tonight with the return of Lost.

In case you missed it. After the first six episodes aired in the fall Lost went away so that it could run interupted until the end of the TV season. The idea was that it’s replacement show Daybreak would fill the void until now, however, no one counted on the fact that the Taye Diggs staring Daybreak would suck.

Anyway, Lost is back tonight so check out a few of these sites to get refresh your memory of where we left off back in October:

 The Isle Files, EW.com sits down with producers for a Q&A with fan submitted questions.

The Unseen and Unexplained, NY Times takes a look at what supernatural thrillers like Lost and Heroes mean about our society.

Lost returns, flawed but showing promise, NJ.com’s review of the second half of the season’s first opening episode reveals some disappointing trends.



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