Excitables for Feb 2-4 (Super Bowl Edition)

You may have heard there’s this football game going on Sunday night or, actually, you may not. With the two teams confined to a single area of the country (Indianapolis and Chicago are about two hours from each other) and with both teams headed by quiet, detail oriented coaches there really hasn’t been a lot of hype about the game.

Two big story lines to watch for: Indy’s quarterback Peyton Manning, who will probably retire with every major passing record there is, get’s his first shot at winning a Super Bowl. Look for lots of stories featuring Peyton’s father Archie, who played QB in the 1970s for some really bad New Orleans Saints teams.

The other thing you’ll hear a lot about is that for the first time an African-American coach will win the Super Bowl. Both teams are coached by black men and there are no ties in the Super Bowl so someone’s gonna win. Incidentally this is also the first time any team coached by an African American has made it to the Super Bowl.

We think the biggest story here is that while this milestone is something of note, it isn’t the tremendous deal that it would have been say five years ago. That’s to the credit of Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy, the respective coaches for Chicago and Indianapolis.

The game is 6 p.m. on CBS and the pregame coverage should begin sometime around dawn.

Other Super Bowl items:

Interested more in the commercials. Over at EW.com there’s a slide show of some of the more memorable spots from SuperBowl’s past.

Halftime show. The NFL continues its move to more family oriented fare with Prince. Prince? We suppose he will have both buttcheeks covered or at least covered with sponsorships. No word on whether there will be any wardrobe malfunctions between him and Billy Joel, who is scheduled to sing the National Anthem.

Criminal Minds, the CBS crime show gets the coveted post Super Bowl spot. This episode guest stars James van der Beek, the former Dawson’s Creek and Varsity Blues hunk in an episode about the death of someone at a Super Bowl party. Wonder how they got that idea?

Counter programming. While more than half the country watches the game either at home, bar or at a party, there are those not the hoopla. For those folks, NBC has strategically counter-programmed with a “Grease: You’re the One That I Want”marathon.

There are a few other things going on this weekend other than the big game. If you have time check these out:

King Tut — the boy king makes his triumphant return and guess what? He’s still dead. King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs opens at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Feb. 3

Because I Said So and The Messengers –– It’s Superbowl time at the cinemas too as one of the major releases this week is a Diane Keaton-Mandy Moore romantic comedy. They’re mother-daughter in this one not, well, you know. The movie is getting clobbered in reviews but what did you expect from a Diane Keaton-Mandy Moore flick. Come to think of it the well, you know, version might have been better.

The Messengers, the other big release this week, is another horror flick with little kids seeing dead people, or aliens or leprechauns. We thought the Sixth Sense ripoffs would have ended by now but never underestimate Hollywood when it comes to milking something. The commercials and previews look scary but we’ve been burned too many times before by horror films in the dead of winter.

Lost is Found — It’s not during the weekend but it’s close enough to get excited about. Everyone’s favorite cast aways return Wednesday, Feb. 7.

Have a good weekend and a happy Super Bowl.



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