House’s Worst Episode Scores Highest Ratings

All reviews are subjective buuuut after mulling it over the past couple of days we thought last Tuesday’s House was probably the worst episode in the series two-year run.

Fortunately for our favorite Princeton General doc this was the first episode following this year’s American Idol (as an aside let’s pray the auditions will end soon) and the episode blew the roof off of House’s nielson ratings. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Anyway, if you missed it, the writers diverged from the shows tried and true medical mystery formula, which we highlighted a couple of weeks ago. Read it here.

Dr. House had to council a raped girl who came into the clinic. Why? Because apparently after being insulted by our good doctor for contracting an STD, diagnosed before she told him she was rapes, she apparently bonded and, like Luke sensing the good in his father, refused to speak with anyone else but Dr. House.

I know we killed House’s writers for being to formulaic and we killed them when they diverted. What can we say? We like to have our cake and eat it too.

Anyway, I think the issue with this week’s House was not so much that it diverted from what we expect but that it simply wasn’t a very compelling way to try and get House out of his cantankerous routine. We don’t mean to minimize the tragedy of rape here, we’re just saying we’ve seen this before: ER, Law and Order, ABC After School Special. And part of the delight of House is that he will say and do things we aren’t expecting. So when he confesses to having scars from his childhood it just feels wrong. And if we’re to take this revelation, which Fox promoted all week like a pimp in Times Square, as some rational for why House behaves the way he does than that just rings false.

Hopefully, this was just a filler episode and not the sound of Fonzie’s water skis hitting the launch pad. The House vs. David Morse bad cop arc wrapped up just before American Idol debuted, so we’re expecting a return to the medical mysteries next week and probably the beginning of a new arc to take us to the end of the season.



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