You Make the Call

Update: The good people at Baristanet left us a note last night assuring us they have been polling on Montclair issues and that we should keep an eye on their site for the results (Click on the comments below). We’re still not all warm and fuzzy with our Web sites breaking the Internet barrier to reach out and touch us but, it’s nice to know there’s a reason behing it.


We’ve gotten a message on our answering machines from the last couple of days telling us about an important phone survey they were conducting. Initially, we found this a bit odd that a Web site would be calling us but we’ve gotten worse pitches on our line so JC wasn’t too perturbed by this.

We weren’t home so we couldn’t take the survey to find out what exactly is so important, but a look at Baristanet’s Web site today points to a survey about a referendum for bonding an artificial turf field in Glen Ridge.


What I’d like to know is why pollsters were calling JC out yonder in Montclair about this?

I suppose they could have been calling us about something else. Perhaps they were bothering people in Montclair about something local. Taxes too high, yep. Parking still a problem, yep. Need better train service, yep.

Somehow I doubt that. Once upon a time we worked for a company that covered direct marketing and this sounds like a telemarketing mix up to us. Either way while we’re big fans of Baristanet, we really don’t want to them calling us. We’ll log on when we want to give you our opinion.



One Response to “You Make the Call”

  1. The Barista Says:

    Actually, JC, we’ve got polls coming on issues specific to both Montclair and Bloomfield. Keep an eye on the site the next few days.

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