Cold, Cold Start for American Idol

American IdolWe’re not really big fans of the open auditions during American Idol. Sure we watch’em, but more often than not I find it easier during this phase of the contest to take bathroom breaks or check out any new magazines that have come through the mail.

One thing that bothered me about last night was the lingering shots of the first contestant’s humiliation after she bombed her audition. Look, anyone who gets on this show should be prepared to get ripped apart but does anyone else think that was a bit uncalled for last night. I mean this girl obviously overestimated her talent level and was sorely disappointed. We got that the first 5 seconds of the sob shot, we didn’t need 30.

Anyway, AI needs to walk a fine line here. Sure Americans are all about watching train wreaks but there is a line and the show needs to be careful they don’t go toofar into the land of exploitation. If there’s one thing Americans like more than car wreaks it’s watching the guy on top take a fall. Keep that in mind AI producers.

And here’s another suggestion, we like some of the new interactive features on the show’s Web site. You can write your own recaps and see video from the auditiond but how about showing the auditions for the 10 people who made it through to the next round that weren’t shown last night.



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