Senorita’s Spices Up Bloomfield

Senorita’s Mexican Grill and Cantina
285 Glenwood Ave.
Bloomfield, NJ, 07003

A lot has happened since we last visited this Mexican hot spot in downtown Bloomfield about a year ago. The biggest change is the liquor license. Last year we had to tote along, and unfortunately left behind, our own bottle of tequila. Not an issue this go-around since the restaurant sports not one but two full service bars onSenioritase downstairs and another upstairs. The upper level is itself new and is designed the same bright yellow and blue as the downstairs.

The eatery is itself bright, clean and the reasonably priced menu and wide tables make it family friendly as evidenced by the large amount of kids in the restaurant on Friday night. It doesn’t hurt that the place has a create your own taco option on its children’s menu. If you’re looking for romance or quiet this is not your place. If we can give our loyal readers one helpful hint is don’t even attempt to use the small and hard to turn around in parking lot next to the place. Take our word there isn’t a spot back there and you’ll give your steering wheel a workout trying to navigate back out. Use the Bloomfield train station lot and walk across the street.

Now, on to the food. We started our revisit by splitting the Campesino Mexican Chorizo, perfectly fried Mexican sausages that were served with salsa and sour cream. Now, Senoritas offers all the traditional Mexican-American dishes. You want Fajitas, check; burritos, check;enchiladas, check but C opted for the Shrimp Al Ajillo, sauted shrimp in a white wine sauce, a welcome departure for the adults in the room, and she was not disappointed.

I was in a trying sort of mood and went with the Aurelio Trio, one pork and chicken tamale with a beef chili relleno, which was tasty if a bit light on meat.

Now, as excited as we were to see an actual bar in a Mexican restaurant we were equally disappointed in the Margaretta which was mostly food coloring and water. The restaurant also looses points for refusing to open our bottle of wine. Look, we understand the place needs to make money but if they had at least offered to open our wine, which they do not serve, we probably would have opted fo the margaritas anyway. Here at JC we tend to like places that put their patrons wants ahead of their bottom line.

We also have to say that the kitchen was a bit poky. We’ve seen worse and our server apologized but yeah they could have gotten their plates out quicker.

All in all Senoritas makes for a nice night out in downtown Bloomfield and hope it’s improvements over the next year continue into the new year.

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3 Responses to “Senorita’s Spices Up Bloomfield”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I was finally able to make it to senorita’s. All my friends keep raving about it and now I know why, This place was great. I was here Saturday Feb 10th 2007. The food was really good, the service was never lacking and everyone in my table had a blast. I will most certainly be back!!

  2. Meghan Says:

    Do not get take out!!!
    I have a severe allergy and I ordered take out and made it clear that I have an allergy. They still sent the food with the allergen in it!!! The could have killed me. I hadn’t ordered from them for about 2 years because the first time I ordered from them they sent the food with the allergen in it and it took them two hours to send corrected food. AND IT STILL WASN’T CORRECT!!! So I tried again today and they did the same thing. They just don’t care. Do not trust them to take care of you. They haven’t taken care of me.

  3. JP Says:

    THE WORST!! Just had lunch there an hour ago: start off by saying it was just 2 groups there for lunch, my group of 8 people and another group of 3-4 ladies. There was just one server and it still took longer that it should have getting orders and things. Second, the pitchers of sangria do not serve 4 people/glasses as we were told, 2.5-3 glasses maximum. Third, we found an earring in our boss’ meal and another colleague found a metal piece of dishwasher scrubber in his. Finally, the waitress said at least 2-3 times that the manager would come over and speak to us. He never did, perhaps too embarrassed. We got the 2 “metal meals” taken off the bill, but still could have at least gotten an apology from the manager/owner. NEVER GO TO THIS ESTABLISHMENT!

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