Excitables for Jan 12-14

Here are the things we’re getting worked up about for this weekend and you may want to as well:

Holidays — Over and done with thank God. No special places to go no….oh wait…it’s Martin Luther King Jr. day, which means half the people you know are off and the other half are at work. JC is unfortunately in the latter part of that group this year so I will have to quietly reflect upon MLKs legacy from my cubicle at work.

Extras — We’ve been writing a lot about TV lately and that probably has something to do with all the shows coming back on line post holidays. On our most anticipated list if Ricky Gervais’ Extras which returns this Sunday on HBO. Gervais, better known for his BBC sitcom The Office, is quite possibly the funniest man on the planet when you can understand him. Extras, the story of those behind the people you see in the background of movies and TV, was wickedly funny in its first season and filled with the awkward humor Gervais and his American counterpart Larry David are known for. Personally, JC is lookingDaniel Radcliffe forward to the Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) episode where he plays a horny version of himself. We’re sure Harry Potter producers will be thrilled by his appearance. Anyway, we’ve been singing David Bowie’s “pathetic little fat man” around JerseyCool central all week. Interested. You can catch the first 10 minutes of the episode on the Web site.

24 — While we’re on the subject of TV you might have heard that this show with Keifer Sutherland comes back on Sunday. Just in case you haven’t heard anything about it.

NFL Football — The divisional round of the playoffs are on this weekend and this round usually has the best post season games including the Superbowl. The Giants and Jets were bounced out last weekend but JerseyCool’s southern fan base will probably be watching the Eagles take on the Saints Saturday night at 8 p.m.

Flicks — Catching Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog looks like the best bet in the cinemas this weekend what with a pretty decent review in today’s times. JC has been eyeing the copy of Little Miss Sunshine that Netflix delivered this week.


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