American Idol Fix

No American Idol is not on tonight. Fans have to wait until next week to get there fix but there are some things to note on the show’s Web site.

There’s video and clips of the New York auditions that took place back in August. They say New York but all good Jerseyans know that auditions were actually held right here in the Garden State at the Continental Airlines Arena in the Meadowlands.   Heck, I’m sure there will be a few people you know belting out tunes or belching out tunes when the show airs.

The site has a clip of people waiting on line in the Meadowlands parking lot (we think anyone who did that in August should have gotten an audition on the spot)  and a photo tab that wasn’t working when we looked at it. The clip ends with someone screaming. What a surprise?

Anyway, it would have been nice if they had labeled the auditions New Jersey. JerseyCool doesn’t normally flip out about stuff like this. It would be nice if the Giants were the NJ Giants but honestly we have more important things to worry about…like American Idol for instance.

But it’s not like AI visitied a bunch of meccas out there.  I mean is East Rutherford, NJ, really that much lower on the food chain than San Antonio, TX or Birmingham, AL? Random thoughts on a Thursday.


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