Sopranos: The Freakin’ Episodes

SopranosAllan Seipenwall has a good piece on about tonight’s debut of the Sopranos on A&E. Apparently, in test episodes sent to critics the edited version of the series has proved to be quite humorous.

The idea that the Sopranos can run in a format where the gritty, realism and language can be filtered is summed up in one simple line:

It’s an awkward, often unintentionally hilarious transition away from the freedom of pay cable, and one that changes the overall meaning of the series.

Apparently, there are no F-bombs and the Bing girls are clad in underwear and swimsuits. For show purists this is close to sacrilege. Soprano Sue on the Bada Bing Blog is floating the idea of watching the show with the sound off.  JC may check out an episode or two out of curiosity and the chance that this could be pretty funny or freakin’ funny as they say in the edited episodes.

In fact, we can see drinking games popping up across college campuses: take a drink when you hear a dubbed line. For those who never got into this show and find these episodes intriguing we recommend picking up the DVDs of the show




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