Excitables for Jan 5-7

Well, I’m sure there are other things going on this weekend other than football but we just can’t get too juiced about anything else this weekend.

The Giants, Jets and Eagles all play in the first round of the playoffs on Sunday in back-to-back games. The Jets visit New England while closer to home New Jersey will have a little civil war going on when the Giants visits Philly.  The fact that both games will be on back-to-back on Sunday means football widows all along the northeast corridor will be heading for the malls in unison.

To get your freak on for the game we suggest visiting the NJ.com forums. There you can find trash talk from all three local teams and even a few New England fans who’ve managed to sneak in.

As if that weren’t enough ubiquitous Cowboy fans get to watch their team in action Saturday night against the Seahawks. Oh, and there’s this little college football game going on Monday night between Ohio St. and Florida.


We got games for Christmas so we’re having a game night at Jerseycool central in Montclair for a round or two of SceneIt and maybe Trivial Pursuit. Yep, my faithful readers, I’m sure you’ll be reading about this next week.


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