Bad Earl, Bad Earl, Whatchya Gonna Do

We’re working on our excitables for this weekend but for a moment we have to pause and genuflect on the funniest “My Name is Earl” in quite sometime. Earl, which can be unbearably saccharine at times does have it’s moments and last night showed yet again that the show is at it’s best when it’s characters are at their worst.

My Name is EarlIf you missed it, last night’s episode revolved around the Camden County episode of Cops, shot in 2003, when Earl and his group of merry players were at the zenith of their criminal behavior. I can’t remember when a half hour show packed so much into so little time. The show featured: Earl running from police on his bike with a box full of stolen garage door openers; Earl stealing batteries and a police car, doing the nasty with then wife Joy in the backseat of a the stolen police car while being filmed by the kidnaped Cops cameraman. Not to be outdone, brother Randy got stuck in a tree and had to be shot down by tranquilizer gun. These were just the main players.

We also got to see Darnell busted for growing marijuana, naked snake man, one legged girl, the girl Earl broke up with by faking his own death, Kenny James pathetic attempts at seducing Camden County’s finest and more.

Perhaps the topper was drunk driving celebrity Tim Stack playing himself as Camden County’s most famous resident.

All of this was done within the conceit of an old rerun of Cops being shown on a slow Sunday night at the Crabshack., and all of this debauchery was shown during the early part of TV’s family hour.

Normally, we find that Earl gets overshadowed by it’s smarter, hipper co-hort the Office, but if last night’s episode is a sign of things to come we might have to start talking about the Office being the other show on Thursday nights.



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