Eye Candy Coming to a Train Station Near You

There’s a lot of kooky stuff out there on the Web. Saddam Hussein hanging, got it. Asian dudes lip syncing, got it. Britney crotch shot, got it.

But something came across the JerseyCool wires this week that caught our attention. Apparently a new social networking site called The Ultimate Eye Candy is sponsoring an online game show starring Survivor cast off Stephanie LaGrossa and you. No, not the You, made famous by Time’s most recent person of the yStephanie LaGrossaear but you, my fellow New Jerseyans.

It seems that the producers of this site will be flocking to train stations in the Garden State next week looking for you, the people of NJ, to tell them what your ultimate eye candy is. Apparently, the footage will be used for some sort of online game show. How? We don’t really know and honestly we don’t really care? But the fact the host is going to be New Jersey’s Stephanie from Survivor fame lends the proceedings a certain cheese factor that’s right up JerseyCool’s alley. There are two other dudes listed as judges on the site and I’d be hard pressed to pick these guys out of a crowd. Fair to say our little Stephanie is the star of this show.

We’re actually a bit suspicious that this may be some elaborate my space hoax, but apparently these folks will be at train stations in Ramsey, Morristown, Edison and Red Bank next week.

Don’t worry if you miss out since the site promises that this will be a month long event so there will be plenty of chances for you to get bothered at a later date. They’re giving away big screen TV’s and iPods so it may be worth a looksee. Honestly, when we used to commute into the big bad city our idea of eye candy was a cup of coffee and an on time NJ Transit train.

Note: See our update here.


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