JerseyCool New Year’s Eve Excitables

There’s only one thing to get excited about this year and that’s saying goodbye to 2006 on Sunday night and shaking hands with 2007 Monday morning. JerseyCool will be in Times Square blogging live…..OK, we won’t be anywhere near the Big Apple but we have a couple of parties to attend, which will be fun but not crazy. If you’re still looking for something to do has some ideas on its site today.

Other things we’re looking forward to:

1) DVDs. Lots of DVDs landed under the tree for Christmas and this weekend we finally have some time to take a look at them, including the second season of Lost, the fourth season of the Sopranos and Rocky, the original.

2) Not to be outdone, we’re in the middle of Manhunt, James L. Swanson’s superb retelling of the Lincoln assassination and the hunt for his killer.

3) Best of Lists: It’s that time of year when reporters have nothing to do but reflect upon the year that was. Lists are popping up all over the place and personally we’re interested in movies, books and music. Gonna go out on a limb and say that Britney Spears will make a few of these and it won’t be for best music or anything like that. Just kidding. We love you Britney, life wouldn’t be the same without you.

4) College Bowl games — Now, that Rutgers won it’s first bowl game last night. It only took 150 years. It’s on to the rest of them. Chances are if you’re a college football fan you can watch a game at almost any hour this weekend. We’re not kidding. With 32 bowl games there’s a lot of teams in action this weekend. The championship game is Jan. 8 but there’s still some great match-ups this weekend with the best probably being USC-Michigan on New Year’s Day.



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