This Weekend’s Excitables, Dec. 22 Edition

This is our inaugural excitables segment. Basically, the things JerseyCool is looking forward to for this weekend. What’s gettin’ our juices flowing out here in the Garden State. So, in no particular order of importance:

1) Christmas Eve — Sunday night. We open presents on my side of the family Christmas Eve and then travel to C’s family Christmas Day. Looking forward to opening some goodies, getting the holiday season over with and enjoying the time off from work.

2) Good Shepherd — JerseyCool readers know my attachment to this film since I was an integral part of its production. Read here. Anyway, might actually travel to a theater for this one.

3) Rocky Balboa — Actually never thought this would happen but it has. Hey, the reviews don’t seem to be all that bad. Won’t take it in this weekend but pretty curious to see what the box office is like next week.

4) NY Giants vs. New Orleans Saints — It’s do or die for Big Blue on Christmas Eve. Don’t believe this bunk about getting into the playoffs as a 7-9 team. The Giants have to win out to get in. BTW, if you’re looking for something to do early Christmas Eve  day there are loads, and we mean loads, of tickets available on StubHub for the game. There are lively debates going on about whether the large number of available tickets have to do with the team’s performance or the holiday.

Happy Christmahkakwanza to you all,



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