Blow Up Santa’s Make the News

Following JerseyCool’s lede, the New York Times has a piece about blow-up Christmas lawn decorations, or blow up lawn crap as we’ve taken to calling it.

Seems there are more than a few of us annoyed with these things.

Read on.



One Response to “Blow Up Santa’s Make the News”

  1. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom Says:

    Just found an NJ children’s author who’s a great antidote to the excesses of bad taste …

    Not sure exactly where to post this, but I’ve discovered an excellent NJ children’s author whose sense of taste is such that I am fairly certain that she will never have a inflatable Santa playing poker on her lawn. She’s Diane Goode of Watchung, who illustrated Cynthia Rylant’s Caldecott Honor Book, When I Was Young in the Mountains.

    I came across Goode’s work while looking for a picture book about teaching manners to preschoolers who may see a holiday dinner as the perfect time to challenge their cousins to, say, an olive-pit spitting match. Goode’s witty Mind Your Manners! (FSG, 2005), based on a 19th century etiquette primer for children, was just what I was looking for. She and Rylant have teamed up on another book, Alligator Boy, due out in in 2007.

    Goode says in her Amazon profile that she’ll provide updates there on when Alligator Boy will appear. In the meantime I review her Mind Your Manners! today (Dec. 23) on

    Jan Harayda

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