Christmas in the Path Tunnel

JerseyCool took a break from the roads last week and rode the train into work on Friday. The fear of a fog induced pile up on I280 was just too great.

But this is not about New Jersey traffic. This post is about New Jersey Christmas. Now, Rockefeller center has it’s Christmas tree but here in New Jersey we have our own tradition. If you ride the Path train into Jersey City or Manhattan you’ve seen it. Like a beacon of Christmas spirit it pops up literally out of the smoldering darkness of the Path tunnel. Yep, it’s the Port Authority Christmas tree.

Those not familiar with the Path will be hard pressed to imagine this, but every year the Port Authority erects a Christmas tree in the bowls of the train tunnels. I don’t think its a real tree but its clear to every rider looking out a window that it indeed is a Christmas tree — decorations and all. It’s often overlooked. Occasionally, a child will point because it is admittedly an odd thing in an odd place. Yet, it’s a small token of what the season is about and during the often cold, inhumane daily grind, it’s a tiny reminder of humanity.



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