It’s Pretty Good Greek to Me

It’s Greek to Me
194 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ, 07302


We’re snobs when it comes to Greek food. Spending a few years in Astoria, Queens, where souvlaki is an art form, will do that to you. Alas, since making our way back to the Garden State we have not found anything close to a Kolonakis or an Uncle Georges.

So, we were a little hesitant when friends in Jersey City suggested we try a new Greek place on Newark Ave. While it was not like Prometheus bringing fire from the Gods, we were actually pretty inpressed by It’s Greek to Me, a ballsy, little startup that has seven other outlets in Jersey.

The brightly lit dinning area is no great shakes. It’s very much an eatery, but tables were clean and chairs were comfortable. More importanly, the pastichio and souvlaki were all excellent.

As with just about all medittereanean appetizers, it’s about the dip. We went with the assorted appetizer platter, which had a variety of hummus, Tzatziki and JC’s personal favorite, potatoe and garlic dip. Bread had good texture and there were enough veggies to break up the carbs.

I had the house specialty, seafood over orzo, which our waiter copped to as his favorite dish. I thought the seafood was pretty good, though you definatly get a lot more orzo than ocotpus, squid and shrimp. Everything was well made, but be mindful that portions are large. That includes dessert, which for me was a hunk of baklava, firmly driving a stake into the latest low-carb diet.

Overall, Greek to Me, doesn’t replace the yearly trip to Astoria to savor the culinary delights of simple, well made Greek fare, but it is a viable option for Jersey folk who don’t want to venture actross the river. 




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