Good So Far Shepherd

Those who know JerseyCool’s alter ego in the real world know I have a soft spot for the upcoming Robert DeNero ditected flick “The Good Shepherd.”

It’s not that I’m in love will all things Angelina or even that I’m that big a DeNiro fan. No, really in some small way I feel as if I was a part of this move.

Angelina Jolie

Let’s back up for a moment. About a year ago, the struggling media company JerseyCool worked for decide to sublet half it’s office space to a company in the same building — a film company with a big project on deck. Dum, Dum, Dum.

You guessed it. Once we moved, we soon found ourselves sharing the office space with non other than the pre-production team for the Good Shepherd.

Not only that, Mr. De Niro, or Bob as those of us who got to know him called him, inherited my boss’ former office. Better yet, because there was only one bathroom on the floor there were times — sometimes three to four times a day — that JerseyCool would share the same facilities but non other than the Godfather.

Robert Di NeroIt took awhile to get used to walking into the bathroom, running into Mr. D washing his hands, sometimes not washing his hands. Kidding, only kidding. But afterwhile I stopped calling and e-mailing see with big D sitings. Well, mostly.

Anyway, I feel as if my daily “hey, how ya doing?” to De Niro as we passed in the hallway kept his spirits up during those early pre-production days. I feel in no small way that I have a vested interest in the success or failure of TGS.

I mention this now because The Times had its first look at the film the other night and so far it looks promising.

Hey, you never know. If TGS makes it all the way to the Oscars, perhaps Mr D will see his way to taking JC along for the ride.

See the Good Shepherd trailer here.



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