Shocking News: NJ Fails to Lower Property Taxes

Gov. Jon Corzine and the state legislature gave a collective “Bah Humbug” to NJ property tax payers yesterday. The politicos stripped out public employee pension reforms from a bill that was supposed to lower almost everyone’s tax bill. End result is no property tax relief for those suffering from the largest tax burden in the nation. Essex Rep. Kevin O’Toole’s sentiments just about sums this up:

“Why did we go through this exercise and really foist this hoax and mirage on the people of New Jersey and say we’re going to give property tax relief when we now know we’re doing nothing?” Assemblyman Kevin O’Toole (R-Essex) asked. “Charlie Brown, the football’s being taken away by Lucy for the 15th time.”

Sigh, Jerseycool would like to say we’re surprised by this, but such is life for all us Charlie Brown’s here in the Garden State.



One Response to “Shocking News: NJ Fails to Lower Property Taxes”

  1. Derrick Says:

    Hey…take it from me…New York AIN’T any better!

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