Priests Gone Bad

JerseyCool may have stumbled onto something with our theory about a new dangerous criminal element on our streets: priests gone bad.

Today’s Star Ledger has a piece about the Rev. Joseph W. Hughes who was released early — way early — from prison after allegedly stealing $2 million.

A Rumson priest who looted parish funds to finance a country-club lifestyle of limousines, Broadway shows and Florida vacations walked free from a New Jersey prison last week, just six months into his five-year sentence.

My first issue here is that somehow I’m wondering if you or I would be able to get out of country club jail after only six months when we steal our $2 million.

The second is what exactly are they teaching these fellas in priest school because this is not an isolated incident.

Last week, there was a story in the Jersey Journal about a manhunt for a Jersey City priest who absconded off to Greece after looting his church of religious relics and personal records like birth and marriage certificates.

I’m thinking a task force may be in order here.



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