Tough Monday for Football Fans

Spent a great night over at Tierney’s Tavern in Montclair on Saturday, even though they were out of Guiness. Someone explain to me how an Irish bar runs out of Guiness? Friendly service and a great atmosphere for watching a game though.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t such a great night for Rutgers. The Knights lost to West Virginia after three overtimes, lost the Big East and a BCS bowl all in the same night. This after an outstanding season.

The Knights now play Kansas in the Texas Bowl, whatever that is. It’s a far cry from the BCS, but them’s the breaks. The program also faces the potential loss of head coach Greg Schiano, who may bolt to Miami after the season.

This space thinks he’d be a fool to do so. RU has arguably better facilities, better players at the moment and, with Syracuse on the decline and Penn State’s coaching situation up in the air, for the first time ever the school may have a recruiting advantage in the Northeast.

My gut tells me that Schiano is the Jersey guy he professes to be and I think he really wants to finish what he started in New Brunswick but the lure of $$$$ should not be underestimated.

Congrats on a great season RU?



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