NY Times Best Books 2006

If you’re out about doing your holiday shopping and plan to hit the bookstore check out the NY Times Best Books for 2006 list. I haven’t read any of these so I can’t comment and all of this stuff is subjective anyway, but there may be something on there for a giftee or a gifter.



5 Responses to “NY Times Best Books 2006”

  1. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom Says:

    Did you know that my book review blog, One-Minute Book Reviews, http://www.oneminutebookreviews.wordpress.com, is 100% born and raised in New Jersey? I grew up in North Bruswick and, after some time away from the Garden State, returned to the Montclair area, where I write my One-Minute Book Reviews posts every day.
    Yesterday (Dec. 1) I posted on One-Minute Book Reviews an A-to-Z Holiday Gift Book Guide that is a little quirkier than the list in the Times tomorrow (which I have read). The Times list breaks books down by categories (such as fiction, nonfiction, etc.). The One-Minute Book Reviews list breaks the books down by the people they might be right for. For example, I list books for an Attorney, Book Club Member, Costmetic Surgery Veteran, Dog-Lover etc.
    Unfortunately I am a new enough blogger that I haven’t mastered tagging, so I suspect it didn’t find its way to the Books forum. Thanks for giving me a chance to bring it up …

  2. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom Says:

    Jersey Authors With New Books

    I came across a few recent books by Garden State authors that I may not be able to mention on my holiday lists on One-Minute Book Reviews, http://www.oneminutebookreviews.wordpress.com. Maybe fans of JerseyCool would like to know about these? Some of these authors may also be good people to invite to your book club if you live in NJ:

    1) Harbinger’s: A Repairman Jack Novel. (St. Martin’s). The 10th appearance by the nameless enforcer who goes by Repairman Jack, created by F. Paul Wilson, a resident of Wall.

    2) Santa Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea (Simon & Schuster). by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark. The annual collaboration my MHC, who lives in the Saddle River area, and her daughter.

    3) The Sidewalk Artist (St. Martin’s) by Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk. A novel that alternates between modern and historical Italy, one of whose authors is the New Jersey-born Buonaguro.

    A book I did review is the wonderful collection of Poems, Late for Work (Mariner) by David Tucker, asssistant managing editor of the Star-Ledger. The book includes poems inspired by Tucker’s newsroom experiences. If you missed it, you can find it by searching One-Minute Book Reviews for his name.

    Jan Harayda
    The One-Minute Reviewer

  3. jerseycool Says:

    Thanks Jan,
    JC is always glad to promote book reading since our little empire here is built upon people who like the written word. Speaking of Empire, we’re almost through with Orson Scott Card’s new novel of same name and we will post our thoughts when done since part of it takes place in West Windsor.

  4. Janice Harayda Says:

    John Karle, publicity director of St. Martins, has a master list of journalists, bloggers, etc. who are interested in books about NJ (which not all publicists do). If you send him an e-mail about Jersey Cool, he might make sure you know about forthcoming books by NJ authors. If you want his e-mail address, let me know at oneminutebookreviews@hotmail.com, and I’ll send it to you.

    We have a fantastic group in Montclair called Montclair Editors and Writers (MEWS), run by the amazing Pam Satran (author of Suburbanists and other novels) that has close to 500 editors, authors, literary and others on its rolls. (That’s not a typo — it’s 500.) If any Jersey Cool readers are literary types live in the Montclair area and might like join (it’s free), send me an e-mail.

  5. jerseycool Says:

    Thanks Janice,
    Great info. As a coincidence, the beloved C is actually a member of the St. Martins family.

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