Love Has Its Limits on Survivor

Last night’s Survivor posited an interesting question between me and my beloved. Let me back up for a minute here.

I’m still a big Survivor fan even though it isn’t nearly as must-see as it once was. I’ve always justified this by telling people Survivor is nothing more than a filmed science experiement. People under duress, in a hostile environment, voting each other off, oh, and there’s a million dollar payday on the end. Yeah, who am I kidding, it’s pure guilty pleasure bliss.

Anyway, one storyline this season is the blosoming romance between Adam and Candice. If you haven’t seen the show, picture Ken and Barbie on an island. Candice WoodcockYeah, it’s a bit sickening. Anyway, last night was the end of the road for our little Candice, so she locked lips with Adam, who had won the individual immunity, but just before taking the bamboo walk of shame, host Jeff Pobst said:

A kiss is nice. Maybe if it were love, he’d be giving you the immunity necklace.”

Well, Candy girl didn’t get her necklace and C turned to me and said.

“That was stupid. He shouldn’t have to give her the necklace.”

You see where this is going don’t you?

“Dear,” I said. “I don’t think I would give you the immunity necklace.”

This led to the idea that wouldn’t it be great if for one season Survivor did a couples show. Husband and wife, co-habitators, gays. I don’t care. It would make for some great TV, much better than the current race who-ha going on now. Would you give your spouse the immunity idol to save her skin? Would you vote out your wife? Wuhahahahahahah!

Jerseycool is firmly on the “you play, you pay” side of things. Heck, I don’t think I’d loan C Monopoly money, much less the immunity idol.

Hey, for anyone protesting. It’s a competitive world. Play like a champion.

See Candy girl’s exit interview here.



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