Village People

The Giants did not play yesterday so C got to spend a Sunday with me. The first one in awhile. We decided to make the out yearly pilgrimage to New Hope, PA for some lunch and a bit of shopping.

On the way home we stopped off at the Bridgewater Commons since my partner in crime wanted to get a gift at Crate and Barrel and I heard the opened one up there. I began to get the willies when we pulled into the lot and I saw a sign for “The Village at Bridgewater Commons.” Aside from the images of bad M. Night Shyamalan movies running in my head, I had the sneaky suspicion that finding C&B might prove to be harder than I had anticipated.

I’ve come to accept that whatever move we make it will be the wrong one so I wasn’t surprised when we walked halfway through the Bridgewater Commons to find out that C&B is located in the Village, which is to the East of the Commons proper. How did we  know the Village was East? Was there a sign telling us that there was another mall? A mall jus outside the mall so to speak? No. We saw it from the window on the commons food court.

Now, I used to work for a marketing paper so I understand the whole branding concepts but somewhere can there be a sign telling people that the Village isn’t in the Commons.

Memo to Bridgewater Commons management:  I don’t think people really care where “the Village” is? I’m really just looking for Crate and Barrel or maybe one of the  two or  three other stores in the second mall that the Commons people built.

And my understanding of the word village is that people have homes in a village. What the Commons people built is a mall. There’s nothing wrong with calling it a mall. That’s its name. Call it a mall and put a sign that takes me there. I’m a man of very simple needs.



One Response to “Village People”

  1. NJ Girl Says:

    Crate and Barrel is just such a fantastic place, although most of the items there are completely out of my price range. That still doesn’t stop me from loving this place.

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