RU for Real?

I never thought I would say (write) this but I’m actually looking forward to Rutgers-Cinncinatti on Saturday more than the Giants-Jaguars game Monday night.

This doesn’t mean I’m bleeding red instead of blue…hey wait a minute. I digress. The point is that up until last Thursday night I don’t think I ever really got college football. I went to a few of games up at FDU, the alma mater, and I’ve even made it to a few Rutgers’ homecoming. Fairly sober I might add. But I have never seen anything like last Thursday’s game with 40,000 screaming fans dressed in red and white. For a second there, it looked like South Bend, Ind, not Piscataway, NJ. And how strange will that be if the Scarlet Knights continue to win and recruit with the best programs in the country. Will we have to start calling Piscataway something cute like Pcat? It’s gonna be fun to watch shake out.

Anyway, if you want to test your fandom there’s a pretty good poll over on  today. I don’t think I’d do too well. I’m a pround bandwagon rider on this one. I do think that if RU stubs its toe it will be this week. Cincinnati is pretty tough at home.  

Even if that does come to pass it’s been a great story this year and a lot of fun to watch.  Much better than the Major Tom Coughlin return to Jacksonville on Monday night. I mean is  therea blander coach in the NFL and has there been a blander MNF storyline this year?

I’m bettin’ by halftime on Monday you’ll be craving those Dancing With the Stars clips of Emmit Smith you know ESPN is going to show.   


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