Sopranos Game, Fuggetaboutit

I keep catching the half-hour promo for the Sopranos video game on HBO. It doesn’t play as much as the Mellencamp GM commercial (that one plays in your sleep), but it’s on quite a bit and the game looks pretty interesting.

Anyone from Jersey has a special place in their heart for the Sopranos and since I practically live in the show’s backlot I had high hopes that the game wouldn’t suck and maybe it would get me through March when the show comes back on.

Apparently it’s a dud, accoridng to a piece on

As the last season proved, the Sopranos can be boring. I guess maybe it’s because what you see on the show are highlights from the characters lives. Sure, it may look like exciting busting heads and running numbers but to paraphrase Christoper there’s a lot of sitting around the pork store as well. I guess some things don’t translate to the video game world.


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