Read This if You Love Your Country

I’ve been staying out of politics for awhile now but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. Everyone needs to read this post on The Blotter and if you don’t read The Blotter everyday you just aren’t informed. Let’s give some props to old media when they get ‘new media’ right.

Republican or Democrat this election is a good thing since as taxpayers we deserve to get some answers to questions that should have been asked a loooooong time ago.

Any Republican who tells you different is simply more concerned about being a good Republican than being a good American.

Don’t worry JerseyCool fans — all two of you. I’ll get back to writing about the stupidity of everyday life tomorrow. Working on a juicy review of Table 8 in my Montclair hood.


4 Responses to “Read This if You Love Your Country”

  1. Derrick Says:

    It will be interesting to see what the Democrats will do in their senate; rather, what they CAN do in their senate with only a 3-seat majority. I can understand comments about loving your country, being an American, etc. Anybody who votes doesn’t do so because they hate their country or aren’t an “American.” But what does going after big business have to do with loving your country? How will tearing down success help foster that American Dream? I think that Democrats should step back and understand why they won. A successful campaign without an agenda and arguments solely based on how not to vote for the other person should be embarrassing to all who are entertained by and fall into this trap. Correct, certain Republican voters are angry at the Bush administration (myself included), but Democrats should understand that this is why people voted differently. They now need to be very careful in what they do because these swing voters will only swing back the other way in ’08

    Again, we all love America. However, with love comes protection and sacrifice and democrats have no concept of how to protect this country in modern-day conflicts. They feel that negotiations with those who want to slaughter us – presenting flowers when they present knives – will enhance our protection. They believe that opening our borders will help protect us.

    True, there’s theories that the Iraq war has created more animosity toward us. ALL WARS DO! The real test will be whether the cut & run strategy the democrats have will help protect us or bring that animosity back to our borders.

  2. jerseycool Says:

    I understand your point D-man but I don’t think we have to worry about Democrats handing the keys to Congress over to Osama anytime soon. If the last four years have proven anything, its that Republicans can bungle foreign policy just as easy as Democrats can.
    I think the important result of this election is that the hard questions about why we went into Iraq, why the intelligence was so wrong and who profited will finally be asked.

  3. Derrick Says:

    And I’m sure those will come out going after “Big Tabacco!”

  4. jerseycool Says:

    Well, “Big Tobacco” really wasn’t what I was focusing on but I’m sure an industry with such a clean past has done nothing to warrent a little look-see from Congress.
    I mean, it’s not like they’re looking into steroids in baseball. Now wouldn’t that be a waste of time.

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