I have a job

That’s right. Those who know of my precarious position last week know that I had some concerns as to whether or not I would be employed when I returned from Italy. Well, I do indeed have a job. Unfortunatly, there’s a lot I could get into here but I can’t. Mainly because I now work for a real company that has a confidentiality agreement which exists mainly for situations like this. I know. I’m being cryptic but that’s pretty much what was happening to me while I was finding out about last minute changes to my job via e-mail while on vacation. Aaaargh.

Anyway, things seem to be alright and what I can say is that I am now completly working in the great state of NJ. Yeah, no more schlepping across the Hudson. I’m still taking NJ Transit though and let me tell you something needs to be done.

For me to arrive at my job in NJ by 9 a.m. I have to take a 7:30 train out of Montclair. Montclair. Dear god I’m only about 12 miles from my new job and I need to head in a full hour and a half before I’m supposed to be there.  Something needs to be done with the NJ rail infrastructure. This is simply not acceptable.

I’ll most likely end up driving but that presents a whole other level of problems. But for now I suppose I should just be happy about the job. 


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